Celebrate Everything With Pink Flamingos!

There are so many reasons and so many fun ways to Celebrate Everything!  If you’re looking to mark a special day and want to draw a little attention, pink flamingos are the perfect fit!  Show that special friend or family member just how important he or she is with a flock of flamingos!

Charitable Donation

The Pink Flamingo Program that we run at Festival allows you to celebrate a loved one while giving back to charity at the same time.  That’s right!  The money you pay for the first 36 birds you rent goes directly to a charity of your choice!  Simply write out a cheque to your favourite non-profit and we will take care of the rest!  We send off the cheque on your behalf with an explanation of our program and how you chose to support their organization.  The only thing left to do is setup the flamingos and await the surprise & excitement!  Who doesn’t love some fun for a good cause!

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirements & More

There are so many wonderful reasons to celebrate!  A lawn full of flamingos can be the icing on the cake for anything from a milestone birthday to a retirement announcement.  Chanel your inner ninja and get sneaky with it.  Stay up late or wake up early and setup the flamingos, so your loved one will awake to a magnificent surprise!  Life is way too short to take things too seriously – get out there and have a little fun!  Draw some attention, let people know you have a reason to celebrate!

Celebrate Everything!