Planning Ahead – Key To Successful Event!

Now that we’re a full month into the New Year, you should absolutely be brainstorming about your upcoming Spring or Summer party.  Planning ahead is key to having a successful event.  At Festival Tent & Party Rentals, we are firm believers in being prepared ahead of time to avoid last minute stress.  As Benjamin Franklin once said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”.

Schedule A Site Visit

One of the best ways to get started if you’re planning a tented event is to schedule a site visit.  One of our expert staff members will come out to your property where you can walk through your vision together.  We will measure the space so we know exactly what tent size will work best.  The site visit also allows us to see things that you may not notice such as trees or overhead hydro lines that may interfere with our tents.  A meeting such as this is ideal, not only for a straightforward setup, but especially so for a more challenging area.  For instance, if you have a patio, a deck, a pool or landscaping that we need to work around, allowing us to see the property ahead of time gives us the opportunity to come up with a plan to accommodate these things.

Make A List

Once your site visit is complete and we know what tent size we’re looking at, we will prepare you a quote.  This is one of the many times when list making is super important in the planning process.  Compile a wish list of all of the things you think you will need for your party.  We will work through that list with you and put together a custom quote that best suites your needs.  Once we get the quote together you can review and add or deduct items based on not only your needs but your budget as well.  It is much easier to go through that list and prioritize once you have the quote in front of you.

Secure Your Rentals

After you have had time to review your quote and feel comfortable that you have all of your bases covered, it’s time to secure your rental.  Since we use specialized computer software, securing your rental ensures you have the items you need for the date you need them.  One less thing to worry about!  Once your order has been placed, we will get started on securing necessary permits, underground locates and engineered inspections should they apply.  Even after you have completed the booking process, we continue to work for you ensuring the planning process is complete.

By adhering to these steps, you are ensuring a far less hectic and stressful planning experience.  Don’t delay, call us today to get started!