Spring Party Planning Made Easy!

Spring is a great time for celebration!  From birthday parties to first communions and baptisms, graduations and proms, the season brings with it many great things.  Spring party planning can be exciting or overwhelming depending on who you are.  No matter your take on it we have some tips to make the process easy and stress free!

Make a List

Making a list is the best way to get organized and establish your game plan moving forward.  Make a guest list; who will be attending your event?  Once you establish who will be joining you in this celebration, you can determine what other things you will need.  For instance, will you have enough room in your home to accommodate everyone on your list?  Will you need a tent for extra space, or tables and chairs for extra seating?  As you answer these questions, jot down anything you may need to rent or purchase so you can be prepared when you head out to shop.

Let’s Eat!

Your guest list will also help you with your food and drink selections.  Will you have a full meal or appetizers and finger foods?  Maybe you want to serve light refreshments only.  These decisions will allow you to best select the hours of your gathering as well.  Be sure to avoid the lunch or dinner hour if you don’t plan to have a full meal.  Be mindful of any dietary restrictions your friends and family may have.  Being prepared for these things ahead of time will greatly reduce the likelihood of last minute scrambling the day of your party.  It is also very important to ensure you have enough dishware and serving utensils.  Whatever needs to be rented or purchased, add to your shopping list.

Get Shopping

Put that shopping list to good use!  It’s always best to book your rented items as far in advance as possible to ensure availability.  Schedule yourself a few minutes to call Festival or stop by our office to secure the things you need.  Remember, you can always adjust your order once you get your replies in, so don’t be afraid to book a little bit extra just to be safe.  Whatever you can purchase ahead of time, such as decor or non-perishable food items, go ahead and buy.  Anything that you can cross off of your list in advance will save you time and stress later on.

Whatever it is you’re celebrating this Spring, planning ahead and being prepared is key.  When party day arrives, remember the last and most important tip – relax and enjoy!