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Festival - Trade Show Rental

Business Expo

At least you’re out of the office, right?

Whether you’re an organizer or a vendor, trade shows and conferences are an opportunity for face-to-face interaction like no other. Although you can’t control every conversation, with the right supplies, you can increase the prospect of drawing people in.


Larger orders are subject to quantity discounts. All prices subject to HST.
Please contact us for any special requests.

Crowd Control Stanchions

Retractable 8’ Length
With Coloured Velvet Rope
Crowd Control Stanchion Posts
Crowd Control Stanchion Ropes


Tripod Easels
Pipe & Drape Exhibit Booths
See pricing below
1-10 Booths, $35 / each
11-35 Booths, $30 / each
36-74 Booths, $27.50 / each
75-100 Booths, $25 / each
101-150 Booths, $22.50 / each 
150+ Booths, $21 / each 
Cash Drawer
Prize Wheel
Raffle Drum - 16″ Diameter
Skirting Bundle(Includes Table, Tablecloth & Skirting)
See pricing below
1-10 Tables, $35 / each
11-24 Tables, $30 / each
25-49 Tables, $27.50 / each
50-74 Tables, $25 / each
75+ Tables, $22.50 / each

Room Dividing Drape

3 ft High
$2.50 / per running foot
8 ft High
$3.50 / per running foot
12 ft High
$4.50 / per running foot
16 ft High
$5.50 / per running foot

Other Accessories

Portable Speaker and Microphone
Fire Extinguishers
Illuminated Exit Signs
Coat Racks
Take me to linens!
Take me to tables!
Festival - Exhibit Booth Rental

Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

Even if a tablecloth is supplied, don’t be afraid to bring your own. Even decorative additions, like table runners or skirting, can add some depth to your table, help you stand out, and give off a great finished look. However, don’t forget to choose colours that complement and represent your company’s image.

Bonus: For a sleek professional look try a sleek spandex table cover.

Be sure to arrange your trade show display tables in levels by putting the larger items at the back, shorter items in the middle, and the shortest items in front.

If you are looking to increase your return on investment, create a booth experience by making your space inviting and encouraging. One way to do this is by including fun food items such as a popcorn, cotton candy, or slushie machine. If food isn’t your thing, try holding a raffle.

Are you having difficulty planning an outdoor team-building session or community fundraiser?