Outdoor Patio with Tables

Extend Your Patio Season

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Patios are an excellent way for businesses to extend their dining rooms. Of course, with all things considered, it will often prove the only way to serve patrons. Restaurants that didn’t have patio space before are finding ways to create comfortable outdoor spaces.

However, summer and its good weather doesn’t last forever. So whether or not restrictions remain the same in the coming months, business owners are going to be looking for ways to extend their patio season.
Here are some ideas to keep your patio open well into the fall. Read More

Hit the Floor

Hit the Floor

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Outdoor events, big or small, are refreshing. However, unlike holding an event inside, there will be some items and supplies you will need to consider acquiring to make your event as comfortable for your guests as possible.

Often, people immediately jump to the obvious supplies like tables, chairs, or dishes. And while all those items are necessary, there’s one that doesn’t always cross people’s mind. Read More

Think Outside the Box and Get a Clear Top Tent

Think Outside the Box and Get a Clear Top Tent

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Creativity is the cornerstone of event planning. Sure, there is a standard formula that helps outline certain expectations like food, drink, entertainment. However, it’s up to you to decide how those elements play out.

So, how can you throw an event that will have people talking about it for years to come? Well, we just might have the supplies you need to make your event memorable.

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The Perfect Birthday Gift

The Perfect Birthday Gift

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You know the feeling, you get that Facebook invite, text, or invitation in the mail for another birthday party and you think, “didn’t we just celebrate a birthday last week.” That’s the funny thing about birthday’s, pal. They happen often.

Gift giving, unlike birthday party attendance, can be a hassle. For kids, is it another toy? For adults, another bottle of wine? (Yes, please.) Both options are great, but not very original.

So, let’s dive into a gift that’s not only unique but something everyone at the party will enjoy. Read More

Why You Should Plan Your Event Despite Covid-19

Better Safe Than Sorry

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Spring is just around the corner, and with it will come much-needed warmer weather. That means everyone will be leaving their homes after months of freezing temperatures and snow to enjoy the outside and, fingers crossed, some socially-distanced gatherings.

Since 2020 put an end to many occasions, we’re hoping 2021 will allow friends, families and co-workers to gather together again. Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, birthday, retirement, or gender reveal party, to name a few, planning and eagerly anticipating these moments of celebration is important. Read More

Festival - The Benefits of Portable Toilets for Businesses

Hire John

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As lockdown restrictions continue and businesses remain closed or restricted to curbside pickup, many companies have had to shut down their washroom access to customers.

We all know the feeling of needing to go after sitting for an hour in a medical office, waiting for take-out food to be ready, or waiting through a pet’s three-hour surgery. When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go, and having access to a washroom wherever you go adds a feeling of comfort and security. Read More

Festival - Planning for Uncertainty

Planning for Uncertainty

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If there is one take away from all the COVID-19 precautions and restrictions, it’s that it’s taught business owners how to plan for everything. Well, almost everything. Anyone who entered 2020 with a solid budget saw it quickly fly out the window due to all the sudden changes.

So, how do you plan for uncertainty? Well, considering the measures the city and the province put in place throughout the last ten months, we should all be well-versed in flexibility.
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