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Festival - Linen Rental


Dress Codes aren’t just for guests. It’s for tables, too.

Linens add a level of colour, style, and ambiance in a way a bare table never could. If you want to add a certain level of class and sophistication to your gathering, consider laying a table worthy of sitting at. After all, nothing entices an appetite more than the relationship between linen and dishes.


All prices subject to HST.
Please contact us for any special requests.


Square or Rectangle Tablecloths
White or Black 120" Round Tablecloths
Spandex Tablecloths
Starting from $15
Specialty Tablecloths
Please Call


13’6 Table Skirting (9 colours in stock)
21’ Table Skirting (9 colours in stock)
Pre-pleated Table Skirting
(9 Colours in Stock / 30 Colours Special Order)
Skirting Bundle
(Includes Table, Tablecloth & Skirting)


White Chairs Covers
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Festival - Tablecloth Rental

Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

No need to clean the linen! Simply put soiled linens in the laundry bags provided when you are finished using them.

Our chair covers are made to fit our vinyl chairs.

Are you having difficulty planning an outdoor team-building session or community fundraiser?