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Festival - Rectangular Banquet Table Rental


Some are tall, some are wide, but all are flat.

Besides the watering hole, the dinner or cocktail table is where people gather to eat, chat and be merry. Make guests feel comfortable and increase engagement by considering how different heights and sizes of tables and chairs (don’t forget about them) can work together to create your desired layout.


All prices subject to HST.
Please contact us for any special requests.

Rectangular Tables

8′ Rectangular Table
Seats 8 to 10
6′ Rectangular Table
Seats 6 to 8

Round Tables

72″ Round Table
Seats 10
60″ Round Table
Seats 8
48″ Round Table
Seats 6
36″ Round Table
Seats 4

Cocktail Tables

40″ High Cocktail Table
36" Diameter
40″ High Cocktail Table
30" Diameter
42" High LED Cocktail Table
22" Diameter


Picnic Tables
Tablecloths, Napkins, and Skirting
Take me to linens!
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Festival - Round Stand-up Cocktail Table Rental

Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

Our table rentals are 1-3 days. For weekend events, we usually deliver Friday and pick up on Monday. However, this can vary depending on the specifics of the event. Overall, the standard is that we deliver the day before and pickup the day after.

All of our tables have folding legs, however the tables themselves do not fold. If you are picking up your items, call to confirm whether or not they will fit in your vehicle just to be safe.

Essential spacing to keep in mind:

Between table and chair: 18 inches

For service aisles: 30 inches
Between two chairs without a service aisle: 16 inches
Between the back of a seat to the wall: 30 inches (48” total with 18” for a chair)
For diagonal style square tables, corner to corner: 24 inches

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