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Festival - Tent Rental


Cover yourself.

Holding events outside is one way to give people a breath of fresh air and sunshine, but don’t let Mother Nature crash your party. Make your guests feel comfortable by protecting them from inclement weather and bugs by installing a tent. Take it up a notch by adding flooring to let that one guy (you know who) show off his stellar dance moves.

Free-Standing Frame Tents

Perfect for setup over a patio, driveway, deck, or stage, these free-standing tents are supported by anchoring them into the ground or by using cement weights. A centre pole is not needed for this style.

Festival - Free Standing Frame Tent Rental Festival - Tension Structure Tent Rental
Pole Tents

Also known as the “party tents” or ” tension structure tent”, these are best used for larger events as they range from 30’ x 30’ to 60’ x 380’. Pole tents must be anchored into the ground, which may require drilling, and cannot be secured by using weights.

Clear Top Frame Tents

Elevate your outdoor events with our Clear Top Frame Tents, available in three expansive dimensions – 30×45, 30×60, 30×75, and 40×60. These tents seamlessly combine style with functionality, providing a distinctive touch to any occasion.


Tent Prices include lawn installation and removal at an accessible location. Standard side panels are available.

All prices subject to HST.
Please contact us for any special requests.

Free-Standing Frame Tents - No permit Required

When anchoring free-standing tents into the ground isn’t an option, cement weights are used. These blocks starts at $30 per weight. Please call for more information.

10 x 10 Ft
8-10 Seats
8 x 15 Ft
10-12 Seats
10 x 20 Ft
16-20 Seats
15 x 15 Ft
18-24 Seats
20 x 20 Ft
32-40 Seats
15 x 30 Ft
36-48 Seats
20 x 30 Ft
50-60 Seats

Free-Standing Frame Tents - Permit Required

When anchoring free-standing tents into the ground isn’t an option, cement weights are used. These blocks starts at $30 per weight. Please call for more information.

20 x 40 Ft
65-80 Seats
30 x 30 Ft
75-90 Seats
35 x 40 Ft Hexagon
80-100 Seats
20 x 60 Ft
96-120 Seats
30 x 60 Ft (2 pc.)
140-170 Seats
40 x 60 Ft (Clear)
200-240 Seats

Oval Clear Top Frame Tents - Permit Required

30 x 45 Ft (Oval Clear Top)
110-135 Seats
30 x 60 Ft (Oval Clear Top)
140-170 Seats
30 x 75 Ft (Oval Clear Top)
180-225 Seats

Pole Tents - Permit Required

40 x 40 Ft
130-160 Seats
40 x 60 Ft
200-240 Seats

Pole Tents - Permit and Engineering Inspection Required

50 x 40 Ft
165-200 Seats
50 x 60 Ft
250-300 Seats
40 x 80 Ft
265-320 Seats
40 x 100 Ft
335-400 Seats
60 x 60 Ft
300-360 Seats
50 x 80 Ft
335-400 Seats
40 x 120 Ft
400-480 Seats
60 x 70 Ft
350-420 Seats
50 x 100 Ft
415-500 Seats
60 x 90 Ft
450-540 Seats
60 x 100 Ft
500-600 Seats
50 x 120 Ft
500-580 Seats
60 x 120 Ft
600-720 Seats


Sidewalls – Solid
Starting at $1.50 per running foot
Sidewalls – Window
Starting at $2.00 per running foot

Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

A Temporary Building Permit is required on all tents larger than 600 sq ft. This is a requirement as listed in the Ontario Building Code and is enforced by each Municipality’s Building Department. If a tent larger than 600 sq ft is erected without an approved permit, the Municipality can ask that the tent be taken down, thus it is mandatory to ensure proper permitting. At Festival Tent, we apply for all temporary building permits on behalf of our clients.

In addition to the Temporary Building Permit, an Engineered Inspection is also required on tents larger than 2400 sq ft. In order for the Municipality’s Building Department to approve the permit on these larger tents, as listed in the Ontario Building Code, a structural engineer must inspect and sign off on the tent once installed. This ensures the tent is setup securely and according to the tent manufacturer and engineer’s standards for safety and proper tent ballasting. At Festival tent, we apply for all temporary building permits and secure the engineered inspections on behalf of our clients.

Asphalt is repaired with plugs.

Tent stakes are driven 3 feet into the ground. Underground sprinkler systems, wires, tiles etc. must be marked prior to delivery. There can be no overhead wires or tree limbs touching the canopy.

Crushed stone and asphalt installations require special tools; therefore, arrangements must be made prior to delivery and an additional 15% charge applies.

Please have the installation area ready (grass cut etc.), clear and accessible for the date and time scheduled on your rental agreement. The tent location should be clearly marked.

We will secure underground utility locates with Ontario One Locate Centre prior to tent installation. (A minimum of two weeks is required to secure locates.)

All of our tents include removable sidewalls for an extra cost – be sure to ask about your sidewall options when booking your tent.

Once the installation process has begun, the location cannot be changed without an extra charge.

Are you having difficulty planning an outdoor team-building session or community fundraiser?