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Festival - Bistro Lighting Rental


Be the brightest bulb at the event.

To illuminate, to focus, to set the mood — lighting guides emotions and attention by providing depth and ambiance. Whether you string them across trees or want to jazz up a banquet hall, the right lighting will make all the difference.


All our lights are outdoor compatible.
All prices subject to HST.
Please contact us for any special requests.

56’ L.E.D. Bistro Light Strings
Chandelier with Hanger
Illuminated Exit Signs
Festival - Bistro Lighting Rental

Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

All of our lighting uses regular outlets. However, if using a lot of lighting, more than one outlet may be needed.

The L.E.D Bistro lights are 56ft in length with 45 sockets on each 56ft cord. The cords are end to end connectable, which allows you to connect up to 21 strands or 1,176 ft.

The benefit of using L.E.D lights is that they use much less electricity and don’t get as hot as regular incandescent light bulbs.

For an outdoor event, power sources will likely be your biggest roadblock. If you’re hosting an evening celebration, you’ll want to make sure all pathways to the venue, to the parking lot, and to the bathrooms are lit. For a small backyard gathering, simple string lights amongst trees and candles on the tables will do the trick. For large outdoor occasions in a courtyard or tent, you’ll want to call in the professionals! They might need to bring in generators for more power and will save you the hassle of trying to hang lights in high places.

Are you having difficulty planning an outdoor team-building session or community fundraiser?