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Festival - Portable Toilet Rental For Event

Portable Toilets

Our piece is your peace.

Let’s be honest, portable toilets aren’t glamorous, but they certainly add convenience to outdoor events of all sizes.

Note: portable toilets may be legally required depending on the number of guests, participants, or patrons.


Larger events in need of multiple units are subject to quantity discounts, as well as addition cleaning services. All prices subject to HST.
Please contact us for more detailed information.

Portable Toilet Weekend Rates

Seasonal rates available. All prices are subject to a tax and delivery charge.

Basic Unit with Hand Sanitizer
$135 (week-end rate, plus tax and delivery)
Handicap Accessible Unit
$210 (week-end rate, plus tax and delivery)
Thermal Heated Unit (Includes Heater and Cover)
$275 / per month

Hand Sanitation

Hand Sanitizer Station
$125 (1200 uses, plus tax and delivery)
Festival - Porta John Rental

Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, we deliver on Fridays and pick up on Monday, but this may vary depending on the particulars of the event.

The total number of portable toilets required for an event depends on the length of the event (by hour) and the total number of people in attendance. Please call for assistance in estimating the number of toilets you will be needing.

Our inventory is separated between “weekend” and “construction” units.

All of our sink units are self-contained – no need for a water connection!

The exterior of a portable toilet is covered with a thermal “coat” and includes a space heater on the inside of the unit that must remain plugged in 24/7.  Thermal covers are usually used on the flush/sink units to prevent the tanks from cracking during colder months.

NOTE: these units are only available at job sites where there is hydro access as the heater portion must remain plugged in.

Are you having difficulty planning an outdoor team-building session or community fundraiser?