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It isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon.

We’re talking provincial and city parks, sales offices, and garden centres who need long-term, clean, and well-maintained sanitation. We’ll make sure your visitors are happy with the accommodations you have made for them.

Festival - Seasonal Portable Toilet Rental
Festival - Long-Term Portable Toilet Rental

Seasonal Rates

All prices subject to HST.
Fuel surcharges apply.
Please contact us for any special requests.

Basic Unit (includes hand sanitizer and weekly service)
$155 / per month
Handicap Accessible Unit (includes hand sanitizer and weekly service)
$230 / per month
Thermal Heated Unit (Includes Heater and Cover)
$275 / per month

Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

While every site is different, it is recommended to provide 1 unit for every 10 workers. For example, if you have 40 works, you should have 4 units.

The exterior of a portable toilet is covered with a thermal “coat” and includes a space heater on the inside of the unit that must remain plugged in 24/7.  Thermal covers are usually used on the flush/sink units to prevent the tanks from cracking during colder months.

NOTE: these units are only available at job sites where there is hydro access as the heater portion must remain plugged in.

Are you having difficulty planning an outdoor team-building session or community fundraiser?