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Festival - Golf Putting Green Rental

Fun & Games

This is where we separate the men from the boys.

How often have you gone to a business networking event or an anniversary party where the success depends on guests mingling? That is fine for a portion of an evening. However, if you want to increase the level of engagement, throw in a game or two.


All prices subject to HST.
Please contact us for any special requests.

Casino Wheels

Mats included.

Prize Wheel
Crown & Anchor
Over & Under

Card Games

Poker & Chips - 100s
3 in 1 - Black Jack Table/Poker Mat/Card Shoe
Card Shoe

Other Fun

Raffle Drum - 16″ Diameter
Golf Putting Green with 2 Putters
Volleyball Net and Ball
You install - $25 / We install - $35
Cash Drawer
Plinko Game
Stacking Wood Tower (Jumbo Jenga) Game
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Festival - Black Jack Table Rental

Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

Six players fit at the black jack table.

No, playing cards are sold separately.

The wheels come apart in the middle for easy transport.

New strict regulations for private events from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO):

  1. Changes prohibit any advertising for private events, whether by flyers, newspaper ads or radio.
  2. A special occasion permit (needed for private functions such as weddings, parties, and stag and does) also prohibits games of chance or games that are mixed chance and skill during a private event (includes 50/50 draws, raffles, roulette, and dice or wheel games like crown and anchor).
  3. Those hosting the private function cannot knowingly make a profit from the sale of the alcohol. It is, however, permitted to recover costs.

Are you having difficulty planning an outdoor team-building session or community fundraiser?