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Festival - Dance Floor Rental

Flooring and Staging

Don’t forget to look down.

More party space means more space to party, right? Flooring doesn’t just mean more space to dance, but lets people mingle on even ground. As for staging, now you can highlight your next office talent show with a stage made for a star.


All prices subject to HST.
Please contact us for any special requests.


Fast Deck Event Flooring 2.0 - 12” x 24” Gray Vinyl Sections
$2.35 per section
Indoor Dance Floors - 3’x4’ Sections
$50 per section
Outdoor Dance Floors - 3’x4’ Sections
$50 per section
Dancefloor Designer Tiles - 1’x1’ Sections
$3.75 per section


Staging (4x4 Sections, Adjustable Height) - 8” to 12” high
$50 per section
Staging (4x4 Sections, Adjustable Height) - 24” to 40” high
$55 per section
Stage Skirting
$1.50 per running foot
Stage Stairs
Please Call for Pricing

Runners and Accessibility

Red Carpet Runner 4’ x 25’ (Indoor Only)
75" Linen-like Aisle Runners (Disposable)
Wheel Chair Ramp
Festival Tent - Event Flooring Fastdeck

Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

To keep the red carpet as clean as possible, it is available for indoor use only.

Our portable dance floor is a parquet wood floor complete with subfloor underneath and must be installed under a covered space (tent, awning, pavilion, etc.) to avoid any rain damage during the rental.

Are you having difficulty planning an outdoor team-building session or community fundraiser?