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Large Festival Tents

If you’ve been to a community event, a huge seasonal festival or a charity fundraiser in Windsor – Essex or Chatham – Kent; you’ve likely partied under one of our big tents!

At Festival Tent & Party Rentals, we are so very proud to play a part in so many of the amazing events year after year.  We feel privileged to live in beautiful Southwestern Ontario – jam packed with great outdoor venues with local food, drink and musical talent worth celebrating.

If you’re organizing a big event and need to rent a big tent… we’re the party experts! These big tents are multi-purpose and best suited for mid to large events. We offer many sizes to rent and sidewalls are available for all tents to help keep the party going during times of inclement weather.

For businesses looking at branding opportunities, we can order custom logo’d tents for you to use at your own functions or when sponsoring a local event!

Do you need flooring for your tent? We’ve got you covered – from the skies above and the ground below – please call for pricing information and options.

We’re here to help you make your event easy and memorable with all the party extras you may need… tables and chairs, picnic tables, porta – johns, portable heaters – just to name a few! Please reach out to us. Celebrate everything!

Festival Party Tent Rentals – Price List

Size Seats Price
30 x 30 75-90 starting at $625.00
30 x 45 110-135 starting at $725.00
30 x 60 140-170 starting at $900.00
30 x 75 180-225 starting at $1125.00
30 x 90 225-270 starting at $1350.00
40 x 40 130-160 starting at $840.00
40 x 60 200-240 starting at $1200.00
40 x 80 265-320 starting at $1675.00
40 x 100 335-400 starting at $2100.00
40 x 120 400-480 starting at $2500.00
50 x 40 165-200 starting at $1050.00
50 x 60 250-300 starting at $1575.00
50 x 80 335-400 starting at $2100.00
50 x 100 415-500 starting at $2625.00
50 x 120 500-580 starting at $3150.00
60 x 60 300-360 starting at $2000.00
60 x 70 350-420 starting at $2300.00
60 x 90 450-540 starting at $2875.00
60 x 100 500-600 starting at $3150.00
60 x 120 600-720 starting at $3775.00
60 x 130 650-780 starting at $3900.00
60 x 150 750-900 starting at $4500.00
60 x 160 800-960 starting at $4700.00
60 x 180 900-1050 starting at $4950.00
60 x 190 950-1125 starting at $5200.00
60 x 210 1050-1250 starting at $5600.00
60 x 220 1100-1300 starting at $5900.00
60 x 250 1250-1450 starting at $6300.00
60 x 280 1400-1650 starting at $6950.00
60 x 300 1500-1800 starting at $7500.00
60 x 320 1600-1900 starting at $7850.00


Festival Party Tent Rentals – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a permit for my large tent?

We work closely with each municipality and when a permit is required, we will secure it for you.

Does the tent include walls?

All of our tents include removable sidewalls at no extra cost – be sure to ask about your sidewall options when booking your tent.

How do I know if there’s anything underground?

We will secure underground utility locates with Ontario One Locate Centre prior to tent installation. (A minimum of two weeks is required to secure locates.)

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Tent Rentals – General Information

  1. Tent Prices include: lawn installation and removal at an accessible location. Standard side panels are available at no extra charge. Additional charge for delivery outside of the Greater Windsor area or for difficult access locations.
  2. Tent prices are for lawn installations. Crushed stone and asphalt installations require special tools, therefore arrangements must be made prior to delivery and an additional 15% charge applies. Asphalt is repaired with plugs.
  3. Tent stakes are driven 3 feet into the ground. It is your responsibility to have utility locates done. Underground sprinkler systems, wires, tiles etc. must be marked prior to delivery. There can be no overhead wires or tree limbs touching the canopy.
  4. Please have the installation area ready (grass cut etc.), clear and accessible for the date and time scheduled on your rental agreement. The tent location should be clearly marked. Once the installation process has begun, the location cannot be changed without an extra charge.