Free Standing Tent Rental

Rent a tent backyard party Windsor Essex On
Free Standing Tents are Perfect for Pool Parties

What type of event are you hosting? A free-standing tent might meet your needs: they have no centre pole, which is ideal for erecting over patios, decks, pools, etc. – perfect for small to mid-sized events.

Tell us about your event, the location and the number of people and we’ll be able to recommend the perfect tent for you! We have various sizes available, all with side walls available to help you avoid inclement weather.

Do you need flooring for your tent? We’ve got you covered – from the skies above and the ground below – please call for pricing information and options.

At Festival Tent – we are experts in the tent rental business, proudly servicing all of Windsor, Essex and Kent County for more nearly 30 years!

Free Standing Tent Rental – Price List

Size Seats Price
10 x 10 8-10 starting at $200.00
8 x 15 10-12 starting at $235.00
10 x 20 16-20 starting at $275.00
15 x 15 18-24 starting at $300.00
15 x 30 36-48 starting at $400.00
20 x 20 32-40 starting at $350.00
20 x 30 50-60 starting at $475.00
20 x 40 65-80 starting at $575.00
20 x 60 96-120 starting at $800.00
30 x 30 75-90 starting at $625.00
30 x 60 (2 pc.) 140-170 starting at $900.00
35 x 40 Hexagon 80-100 starting at $700.00

Sidewalls are available for all tents.

Free Standing Tent Rentals – Frequently Asked Questions

How are they held down?

All of our tents must be anchored securely in the ground or, in the case of some of our smaller tents, when “in-ground” anchoring isn’t possible, using our cement weights (to maintain the safety and structural integrity of the tent, when installed using weights, sidewalls cannot be used).

Do I need extra space for the ropes?

An additional 1-3’ of space around the perimeter of the tent is required for the ropes to be securely anchored.

How do I know what size tent will fit in my yard?

If you are unsure of the tent size that will fit best, we offer site visits! One of our trained staff members will come to the location and measure the space to confirm what tent size will work for you!

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Rent a tent backyard party Windsor Essex On
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Tent Rentals – General Information

  1. Tent Prices include lawn installation and removal at an accessible location. Standard side panels are available at no extra charge. Additional charge for delivery outside of the Greater Windsor area or for difficult access locations.
  2. Tent prices are for lawn installations. Crushed stone and asphalt installations require special tools, therefore arrangements must be made prior to delivery and an additional 15% charge applies. Asphalt is repaired with plugs.
  3. Tent stakes are driven 3 feet into the ground. It is your responsibility to have utility locates done. Underground sprinkler systems, wires, tiles etc. must be marked prior to delivery. There can be no overhead wires or tree limbs touching the canopy.
  4. Please have the installation area ready (grass cut etc.), clear and accessible for the date and time scheduled on your rental agreement. The tent location should be clearly marked. Once the installation process has begun, the location cannot be changed without an extra charge.