Fun Rental Items

Celebrate everything!

We have so many fun and unique rental items to help make your next event a hit! At Festival Tent, we are the party experts; tell us about your event and we can make the perfect rental recommendations for your event.

Outdoor ‘Extras’ – Take your party to the next level with convenient rental items such as BBQs, portable bars, ice bins, liquid dispensers, portable heaters and even dance floors! Really want to ‘stand out’? Arrange for a “flock of flamingos” to land on anyone’s lawn for only $1 per bird!

Sports – Renting our volleyball net or golf putting green is a great, inexpensive way to keep both kids and adults entertained.  Our volleyball net comes complete with the ball and hardware to set it up, while the putting green is also complete with two putters.

Games – For fundraising or just for fun; Festival Tent has game rentals for all your party needs: Casino Wheels (promo, crown & anchor, over & under), Poker Chips, Texas Hold Em’ and Black Jack Tables – with all the accessories available!

Fun party food – Who doesn’t love fresh, hot popcorn? Or making your own cotton candy, snow cones, serving up hot dogs of our carousel machine, nachos, and cheese or using a propane burner and huge pot to cook up your own seafood boil, chili or corn on the cob! At Festival Tent we have your fun party food ready!

We’re looking forward to helping you plan an amazing event. Please reach out to us today!

Fun Rental Items – Price List

Propane BBQ $250.00
Portable Bar $115.00
Portable Heaters $130.00 – $275.00 + fuel
“Flock of Flamingos” $1.00 each (Pickup only)
Volleyball Net $25.00 – $35.00
Golf Putting Green $50.00
Casino Wheels (Prize, crown & anchor, over & under) $35.00
Poker Chips $3.00 per 100
3 in 1 Blackjack/Poker Mat w/ Card Shoe $30.00
Card Shoe $7.00
Raffle Drum (16″ diameter) $17.50
Cash Drawer $15.00
Popcorn Maker (Supplies extra) $75.00
Cotton Candy Machine (Supplies extra) $75.00
Snow Cones Maker (Supplies extra) $75.00
Hot Dog Machine (Steamer or carousel) $40.00
Nachos Cheese Machine (Supplies extra) $40.00
Propane Burner and Pot $50.00


Fun Rental Items – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return unopened food supplies? 

Yes!  Any of the popcorn, cotton candy or snow cone supplies that remain unopened can be returned for a refund.  NOTE:  Nacho supplies are non-returnable as they expire

How long does it take to fill the dunk tank? 

With a standard garden hose, it will take approximately 45 mins to fill

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