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The Perfect Birthday Gift

The Perfect Birthday Gift

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You know the feeling, you get that Facebook invite, text, or invitation in the mail for another birthday party and you think, “didn’t we just celebrate a birthday last week.” That’s the funny thing about birthday’s, pal. They happen often.

Gift giving, unlike birthday party attendance, can be a hassle. For kids, is it another toy? For adults, another bottle of wine? (Yes, please.) Both options are great, but not very original.

So, let’s dive into a gift that’s not only unique but something everyone at the party will enjoy. Read More

Festival - Planning for Uncertainty

Planning for Uncertainty

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If there is one take away from all the COVID-19 precautions and restrictions, it’s that it’s taught business owners how to plan for everything. Well, almost everything. Anyone who entered 2020 with a solid budget saw it quickly fly out the window due to all the sudden changes.

So, how do you plan for uncertainty? Well, considering the measures the city and the province put in place throughout the last ten months, we should all be well-versed in flexibility.
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