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[Festival] Sept 2023 - Fall Food Fiesta

Fall Food Fiesta – Celebrating the Harvest

By Event Planning Tips
As the leaves change colour and the air turns crisp, there’s something truly magical about hosting a Fall party. The aroma of cinnamon-spiced cider, the warmth of cozy blankets, and the camaraderie of friends and family are what make autumn gatherings so special. But what’s the secret ingredient to taking your event to the next level? It’s all about the food and making the most of the bountiful harvest of course. In this blog we’ll explore a few ways to put some simple rental items to good use for a fantastic Fall food fiesta! Read More

a coffee mug with leafs around it

Feeling Warm & Fuzzy

By Event Planning Tips
Between the ever-changing colours, the brisk daytime temperatures, and breathtaking sunsets, one could argue that Fall is the most beautiful time of year for celebrating outdoors. As with Spring & Summer events, it’s imperative to plan for the weather. The difference, come this chillier season, is that you’ll want to think not only about possible rain, but also about keeping guests warm and cozy. No need to worry though! Colder weather does not have to be a deal breaker! Here are 3 great ways to be prepared ahead of time and maintain that warm & fuzzy feeling all night long!
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[Festival] Sept 2022 - Fall into Fun!

Fall into Fun!

By Event Planning Tips
As we send the kiddos back to school and the calendar marks the last days of Summer, it’s easy to think party time is over, but that’s just not the case! There is still so much time and so many reasons to celebrate!! Let the change of seasons inspire you and Fall into Fun!!
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Outdoor Patio with Tables

Extend Your Patio Season

By Corporate Events and Supplies
Patios are an excellent way for businesses to extend their dining rooms. Of course, with all things considered, it will often prove the only way to serve patrons. Restaurants that didn’t have patio space before are finding ways to create comfortable outdoor spaces.

However, summer and its good weather doesn’t last forever. So whether or not restrictions remain the same in the coming months, business owners are going to be looking for ways to extend their patio season.
Here are some ideas to keep your patio open well into the fall. Read More

Festival - Keeping it Outside

Keeping it Outside

By Event Planning Tips
As temperatures start to drop, businesses (or backyard-party-throwing homeowners) will want to keep people as comfortable as possible to extend the life of their outdoor space.

We have seen some excellent ideas over the years ranging from free warm drinks or snacks to logos on complimentary cold-weather gear (hats, scarves, gloves, and so on).
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