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The holidays are fully upon us which means employee gatherings, family dinners, Christmas luncheons, corporate cocktail parties and everything in between. Tis the season for celebration! If you’re hosting an event, on the party planning committee at work, or even just attending all of these fun events, you must appreciate the importance of a comfortable place to sit, relax or simply rest your drink. With all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, guests will truly appreciate a cozy atmosphere, inviting them to “take a seat” and enjoy!

Pull Up a Chair

Choosing the right chairs for your party can require a bit more pondering than you might think. Consider décor colours, where the chairs will be setup (i.e. carpet vs. hardwood floor), and preferred price point, for instance. If you’re hosting a simple, casual event, perhaps the basic vinyl folding chairs, available in grey or black, would be your best option. With rubber stoppers on the feet, these chairs are best for hardwood floors as they’re less likely to scratch. Looking to spruce them up a bit? Add chair covers! If you’re looking for something a bit more formal, the resin folding chairs with padded seats are a great solution. Available in black or white, these chairs add a little “pizzazz” to your seating arrangement, and work quite well on carpet, cement or tile floors. If fancy is at the top of your priority list, and you’ve budgeted a bit extra for seating, the chiavari ballroom chairs with cushions are a fabulous choice! Whichever chair you choose, ensure you have plenty of space for guests to slide in and out from their table. If you intend for all guests to sit for a meal, be certain that you’ve accounted for everyone! Maybe order a few extra chairs just to be safe, in case you end up with a few unexpected last-minute additions to the party!

Tables For All

Be it for guests to sit and enjoy a meal, a place to serve your food, or a vessel to hold gifts, tables are a necessity. Thinking of things such as how much space you are working with, if you prefer round or rectangle tables for conversation, and whether you require tables for more than just seating will all help you in determining how many and what size tables you need to secure. Once again, there are a variety of options to choose from so it’s best to layout your seating plan ahead of time and mark down any other items for which you’ll need additional tables. Perhaps you prefer round tables for guests, but need some rectangular tables for food and gifts? Maybe space is an issue, so rectangular tables are a better option for seating? Planning in advance will ensure you reserve the best tables best suited to your space and party needs. Also, don’t forget to add tablecloths! A well-dressed table always looks much nicer!

Cocktail Vibes

If a sit-down meal isn’t in the cards, it’s still important to offer a place for guests to rest their drinks, a small appetizer plate or to simply just gather in conversation. The stand-up cocktail tables are perfect! Spice things up with the LED light up cocktail tables or keep things sleek with the standard cocktail tables with spandex covers. This type of “bistro style” setup encourages flow and mingling which is what you want at a cocktail party. Walk around, socialize, but still have a spot to pause, grab a bite to eat or sit a glass. Consider adding a few of the bar height stools to some of the tables if you would like to offer a bit of seating while keeping the cocktail party vibe!

Don’t let the December rush lead you astray. Take a few minutes to figure out seating, table space needed for food or simply a spot to put down a drink and get your holiday rentals booked. Take these tips with you as we move into the New Year and apply them when planning all of your 2023 events. Invite friends and family to pull up a chair, take a seat and celebrate!