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As we sit at home dreaming of all the things we would rather be doing, why not dream up the perfect backyard party*? After all, things will open up again and when they do, you’ll want to be prepared.

*Note: Depending on the measures in place, please always follow the provincial mandates and/or recommendation(s) for social gatherings.

Start Party Planning!

If there is one thing the weather is good for, it’s being temperamental. Nevertheless, the risk of throwing an outdoor party is worth it if it means spending some quality time with your immediate family or social squad (those in your social bubble). So, let’s ditch those long winter days cooped up inside and bask in the sunshine (weather permitting, of course).

Here are four essentials you should put on your to-do list. We’ll leave the theme and minor details up to you!

1. Lay it on the lawn.

Grass, folks. That’s what a backyard is good for. For those with larger yards, take advantage of the space with a golf putting green or a game of volley ball. Sure, it isn’t a sprawling golf course or a sandy beach, but it’s a way to incorporate some fun and games.

2. A sweet (or salty) treat.

Besides the regular fare you find at your average backyard party, add some sweet or salty treats that will get people smiling! Look into renting food machines that make cotton candy or popcorn. Even better, find yourself a snow cone machine! With temperatures rising, snow cones will be the belle of the ball.

COVID-19 Hack: Do your best to pre-pack your snacks, like taping your individual popcorn bags shut or wrapping your cotton candy snacks with clear snack bags. Whatever hack you choose to do, people will appreciate the extra care you put into making sure everything is safe.

3. Get comfy.

The first rule of throwing any kind of party is making sure your guests are comfortable. When that party is outside under a summer sun, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of shade to provide your guests with a break from those powerful rays. Consider putting up large umbrellas or a tent to give people a break from the heat.

Speaking of comfort, don’t forget to supply some tables and chairs. Standing around and socializing (from a safe distance), is great after being inside for so long, but people are still going to want to pull up a chair and set their drink or snack down.

4. Give your guests a place to “go”.

Having your bubble come over for a backyard party is one thing, but you may not want people in your home. Considering everything that is going on, that makes sense. However, where there are drinks and food, there needs to be a washroom. Give your guests a place to visit “John” without entering your home by renting a portable toilet, because when you gotta go, you gotta go. Trust us, they’ll thank you for it.