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And just like that, the holiday season is upon us!

Of course, unlike past years, 2020 has made things a little more complicated. With gathering restrictions set in place to help keep us all safe, many of us are looking for alternative ways to celebrate.

If you are a business owner or the team member who is in charge of the company’s holiday celebrations, you made be a little more stressed than usual. Organizing Christmas parties is not only something employees look forward to, but it’s one way a business can show their team how much they appreciate them.

Here are some ideas to help keep the holiday spirit going:

Bon Appetite in shifts.

Having everyone on your team come together for a sit-down meal may not be an option for most companies. However, that doesn’t mean you need to throw food off the table (figuratively, of course). Break down your team in to tens (or whatever the social gathering restrictions may be at the time of your party) and order lunch. You may need to spread this out a few days, if your team exceeds ten people.

Don’t worry about not having all the supplies you need! You can easily rent tables, chairs, dishes, serving ware, and whatever else you may need to pull this off!

A delicious treat.

Meals aren’t practical for all businesses who can’t use an alternate venue and that’s okay. You can still supply your team with a treat. Safely hand out snacks, like popcorn, donuts, or cotton candy to employees on their break or lunch.

For anyone using tents as a way to extend their break and lunch rooms, add a warm drink to the mix. By using insulated beverage dispensers, you can keep coffee, tea, or cider for your employees to enjoy.

Bonus: if you haven’t thought of it already, consider a portable heater to keep these spaces cozy.

The gift that keeps on giving.

Don’t let COVID get you down if coordinating either of the above options isn’t doable. Instead, give thanks while giving back. Find a small business who would appreciate your support and purchase gift certificates for your team to enjoy at a later date. Sure, it isn’t your typical plan of action, but it will be appreciated by everyone involved.

Remember, the holiday season is all about giving thanks and togetherness. Yes, we will have to celebrate differently this year, but don’t let that ruin the season for you. Don’t get hung up on what you can’t do, but what you can. After all, it’s the thought that counts.