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As the saying goes, April Showers Bring May Flowers! In reality, April showers tend to become May showers which can then stretch into June showers and so on and so forth. When hosting an outdoor event in Spring & Summer especially, planning for rain is a must. While Springtime can be a bit more finicky, inclement weather can strike at any time, so it’s always best to be prepared with shelter for your guests and a backup emergency evacuation plan in case of severe storms. It’s always easier to deal with an unfortunate weather situation when you have plans in place, so let’s get prepared!

Under a Tent is the Place to Be

Considering the comfort of your guests when planning any kind of event or celebration is really a large part of the planning. From tasty food & drinks to a comfy chair, to outdoor shelter, it’s so important to make sure everyone is comfortable and content. While we all hope for perfect weather, unfortunately there’s no guarantee of what Mother Nature will hand us. Having a tent installed is a fantastic way to get ahead of the uncertainty and eliminate that weather worry. After all, hosting an event gives you enough things to think about – don’t let the weather be one of them! A rainy day does not have to be a deal breaker!

Tents come in many sizes, some as small as 10×10, so even with a small yard or a tiny guest list, renting a tent is still a good option. If you’re unsure of what size you can fit in the space, schedule a site visit and let the experts guide you. There are permitting rules that must be adhered to when renting at tent larger than 600 sq ft, so a site visit can come in handy in this regard as well. Permitting rules should be discussed at the time of booking. Don’t forget that it is always best to book as far in advance as possible to ensure availability in both product and schedule.

To Wall or Not to Wall

When renting a tent, you will usually have the option to add sidewalls. While tents are a temporary structure and never guaranteed to be leak proof, they remain a great shelter from the rain. Adding sidewalls can give some added protection should those light showers turn into that pesky “sideways rain”. In the Spring & Summer months, sidewalls can be either solid or window and as with the tents, are based on availability. Reminder number two to book early!

Keep in mind that depending on the tent size, adding sidewalls can sometimes mean additional requirements such as emergency exit signs or fire extinguishers, in adherence with the above mentioned permit rules. This should be discussed when securing your rental reservation. Rest assured, exit signs and fire extinguishers are also rental items at Festival Tent, so no need to go out and buy them!

Emergency Preparedness

It is imperative to keep in mind that, occasionally, there will come a time when exiting the tent and seeking shelter indoors is the best course of action during an outdoor event. Should severe weather strike, having an emergency evacuation plan in place is key for the safety of you and your guests. Share your plan with others to ensure a smooth process should you need to take action. When the weather passes, provided the structural integrity of the tent has not been compromised in the storm, it’s party time once again! Always remember – safety first!

At Festival Tent & Party Rentals, we offer 24-hour emergency service for any structural issues that may occur due to weather, so be sure to keep that after-hours emergency number handy and call right away should you have concerns. The quicker we know of problems, the quicker we can get on-site and get you back up and running.

As shelter from the rain, and even shade from the hot sun, a tent rental is a great solution for dealing with unpredictable weather. Schedule that site visit, reserve that tent, with or without sidewalls, and be prepared with your emergency severe weather plan. Don’t let wet weather soggy your big plans! April showers? Big deal! We’ve got you covered!