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Planning ahead is an adage often used in the event rental industry. Being prepared, getting organized in advance and securing things like your venue, food, and party rental products early are always highly recommended. It’s likely, once you have heard this a time or two, that it become white noise. “Yeah yeah….book early…blah blah”. Here’s the thing – ignoring the suggestion to plan ahead can result in great disappointment and frustration. Avoid the heartbreak and take heed of this advice. Booking early makes all the difference!

Reserve the products you want for the date you want them!

This might seem like an obvious statement, but it really is as simple as that. If there are rental products you know you want; you have your heart set on a clear top tent for your wedding for instance, don’t wait. If the chiavari chairs are a MUST HAVE for the anniversary party you’re planning, don’t wait. If the only tent size you can fit in your yard is a 20×20, don’t wait. If you need 800 chairs for your school’s graduation ceremony, don’t wait. As soon as you know for sure what rental items you require and you have your preferred date selected, call and make your reservation. Not only are you securing the items you had your eye on, but you’re making sure you have those items booked for your date. Most often, a non-refundable booking deposit will be required, but it’s worth the peace of mind knowing you have reserved what you need.

More work now equals less stress later!

Sure, your special event is months away. Sure, there’s snow on the ground right now and those warm, sunny days seem forever away. Don’t be fooled – the season of celebration will be upon us in no time! Taking the time now to do your research, get some quotes and source the things you need is key to minimizing last minute stress. Crossing as much as you can off your list, as far in advance as possible, will allow you to enjoy the anticipation and excitement that comes along with parties, annual events, fundraisers, festivals, weddings, and so on. Who wants to be rushing around, flustered, and frustrated at a time when the vibe should be one of joy?!

Being prepared for worst case scenarios!

Another important element to booking early is it allows you the flexibility to be prepared for mishaps or inclement weather. When you take the time to think things through in advance and speak to industry professionals early, you’ll be afforded the opportunity to create a plan B, C or even D if you want! When it comes to ordering a tent, for instance, calling early gives a greater chance that add-ons like sidewalls will be available which help keep you dry in the case of rain. Perhaps you want to consider renting a larger tent to accommodate more people should your cocktail party land on a wet day and people will be less likely to mingle in the open air. It’s more likely a larger tent is available when you’re inquiring in advance. Ordering a few extra chairs to accommodate unexpected last-minute guests, extra glassware in case of breakage during the party or extra washrooms in case your home bathroom isn’t enough – these are all things that are much easier done when planning early.

No matter what type of celebration is being planned, no one wants to be told the items they hoped to have, are no longer available. The reality is that people are booking venues and tents and caterers and rental products earlier and earlier and thus it’s imperative that you secure the things you need as far in advance as you can to avoid regret and letdown later. Trust us – booking early truly makes all the difference!