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Whether you’re a construction site manager or a bride planning an outdoor wedding, keeping an eye on the forecast is paramount to your success. Tents, of course, are a great way to prevent Mother Nature from crashing your outdoor event, but what about your bathroom?

Most of us can’t go more than a couple of hours before needing a bathroom, so how do you manage a portable toilet, keeping it in good order, no matter the weather conditions?

Start with the right location

When looking at the space where you intend to place your portajohn, there are a few important factors to consider:

  • Generally, you want to set up the portable toilets in an area near the action but not so close that they impede traffic flow. The event’s aesthetics can also be a priority, so find a balance that works best for you.
  • If you’re expecting high winds, portajohns are more easily protected when placed next to a building. This is especially important for construction and other work sites as the weather can be unpredictable when renting for an extended time.
  • Being placed on pavement or any hard surface can be good for keeping the portable toilet out and away from the mud. A hard surface is also more stable for the portajohn, especially during rainstorms.
  • Is there a sheltered area, or can you create a sheltered area using tents? Shelter will improve the experience for those waiting in line to use the portable toilet.

Helpful accessories

Construction sites often utilize portajohns all year round, and although we have mild winters here in Windsor, it’s still a cold place to use an outdoor toilet. A thermal heated cover, however, is an ideal solution. It’s like a thermal “coat” that includes a space heater on the inside of the unit. Thermal covers such as these are used with the flush/sink units to prevent the tanks from cracking in the cold weather.

When planning an outdoor function in colder temperatures, take some tips from those working outdoors, and consider placing patio heaters a few feet away from the portable toilets. This addition helps keep guests warm while in line. The heaters may even help bring additional light to the area, which is always appreciated at night.

Continue regular cleaning and maintenance

As a leading portajohn provider in Southwestern Ontario, Festival is proud to provide thorough maintenance and cleaning with all our portable toilets. Regular care like this is essential and does not halt during inclement weather.

There are several ways to help manage and protect your portable toilet during lousy weather. In every situation, though, it is vital to choose a professional team that can help provide you with the accessories or necessary protection, be it a tent, flooring, or thermal covers. It’s also important to work with a team that prides itself in good customer service, including portable toilet management.