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Summertime is the best time to gather and celebrate outdoors. The warm weather, the sunny skies & the relaxed vibe just beg to be enjoyed. If you’re planning to host a get-together this Summer, it’s important to keep you cool, not just in the non-stressed, chill-out way, but in the keep guests, food, and drinks out of the heat kind of way. Here are a few tips for “Keepin’ It Cool” at your Summer bash.

Shaded Area

The hot sun is certainly one of the greatest things about a Summertime party, but there IS such thing as too much of a good thing, and too much sunshine can certainly bring an early end to your party if there is zero shade to be had. Planning for a mix of sun & shade is a great way to allow everyone to enjoy the day the way they feel most comfortable and to get some breaks from the sun as needed. Patio umbrellas or a small tent rental can do the trick without completely closing in or shading your entire space. Setup a few picnic tables or some tables and chairs under the tent giving your guests a cooler option to rest or grab a bite to eat, and they’ll be a much happier bunch.

Cold Drinks

It goes without saying that cold drinks are key when it comes to keeping your guests comfortable and happy on a sunny Summer day. What might be overlooked is how to keep those cold drinks cold as the day goes on. It’s always best to have more than not enough, especially when it comes to food & beverages, so you may end up in need of more space than your fridge has to offer. At Festival, we offer a wide variety of ice bins, buckets & barrels in different sizes and styles suitable for every kind of party, from weddings to backyard BBQs. The draft beer cooler is also a great solution for a beer keg if you’ll be having one at your gathering. Load up on bagged ice and keep all of your drinks frosty cold. Since the ice bins are portable, you can have various drink stations set up throughout the yard, ensuring everyone stays well hydrated.

Chilled Food

Chafing dishes are a great way to keep your food warm and covered, but keeping things like salads, fruit, or veggie trays and dips cold can be challenging. It’s imperative not only to keep your cool food tasting yummy but also for health & safety reasons that you keep that cold food cold. Using ice packs and coolers can help, but a more esthetically pleasing option would be to use those same ice bins or beverage chillers that you could use for drinks; fill them up with ice and place your bowls or platters on top. It’s also an option to get a little creative and fill the “water pan” portion of a chafing dish with ice rather than hot water and put your cold food in the insert pan on top. No need to light those sternos of course!

Splash It Up

Who doesn’t love a pool party?! When swimming is an available and appropriate option, encourage guests to pack a bathing suit and get in that pool! If you don’t have a pool, and your party is kid-friendly (or even if it’s adults-only – we don’t judge!), stock up on water balloons, set up a sprinkler, or break out those old water guns. A Summer party is all about fun, after all, so don’t hold back!

If you’re celebrating outdoors this Summer, expect the heat and plan ahead for ways to stay cool. Embrace all things chill, including yourself, and make up for lost time this season with some relaxed, fun, super cool Summertime Party Time!