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Time really does fly when you are stuck in the house. So much so that when you glance at the calendar and realize it’s already August, you have to wonder how we got here so quickly.

With people slowly going back to work and more schooling options put forth for parents to consider, we are now all wondering what the fall is going to bring.

Obviously, keeping our distance, wearing a mask, and washing our hands will remain important. For businesses and schools alike, maintaining the recommended six feet will be their primary focus. So, it only stands to reason that more space will require more tools, which could or should mean more tables and chairs.

Some are tall, some are wide, but all are flat.

  1. Maintain productivity:

Whether it’s the lunchroom, classroom, or office, keeping people apart yet productive will require more table space. There is no doubt that workplaces and schools will have to get creative with the layout, but it may be an alternative to bumping around plastic barriers.

  1. Consider different sizes and shapes:

Always consider your room size, the recommended six feet, and then decide whether round or rectangular tables would best suit the situation. Once you have that down, you can maximize your useable space.

  1. Get creative:

Getting a little creative never hurt anyone, and it often provides the perfect solution. So, don’t be afraid to try to use whatever tables you have! For example, consider cocktail tables as a standing desk option.

Please, have a seat.

Naturally, with more tables comes more chairs. However, with having to increase sanitizing protocols, your best option will be chairs that can easily be wiped down. Avoid chairs with fabrics as they will be harder to sanitize. Instead, consider vinyl or resin chairs that can be cleaned quickly and easily for better peace of mind.