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Feeling Warm & Fuzzy

By Event Planning Tips
Between the ever-changing colours, the brisk daytime temperatures, and breathtaking sunsets, one could argue that Fall is the most beautiful time of year for celebrating outdoors. As with Spring & Summer events, it’s imperative to plan for the weather. The difference, come this chillier season, is that you’ll want to think not only about possible rain, but also about keeping guests warm and cozy. No need to worry though! Colder weather does not have to be a deal breaker! Here are 3 great ways to be prepared ahead of time and maintain that warm & fuzzy feeling all night long!
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people holding sparklers. lights overhead. water in the background

Light Up The Night!

By Event Planning Tips
Creating ambiance is a key component to planning any celebration. Be it indoors or out, use lighting to set a mood, build on a theme, spruce up a dancefloor space or simply illuminate an area for guests. As evening creeps in, step up your game and wow your guests with pops of colour in unexpected places. Make your event one to remember and light up the night!
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Celebrate Loud & Proud

Celebrate Loud & Proud!

By Event Planning Tips, Festival News
Celebrating life’s milestones has certainly taken many different forms over the last few years, but one thing stands true. We want our loved ones to know just how much we care about them. Whether it’s your child’s birthday, your parents’ Anniversary, or your co-worker’s retirement, there are always reasons to share joy and happiness with one another. We could all use more of that these days, so why not shout it from the rooftops! Get splashy, honk those horns, and spread some kindness. Check out two fun ways we can help you celebrate loud & proud!

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Why You Should Plan Your Event Despite Covid-19

Better Safe Than Sorry

By Event Planning Tips
Spring is just around the corner, and with it will come much-needed warmer weather. That means everyone will be leaving their homes after months of freezing temperatures and snow to enjoy the outside and, fingers crossed, some socially-distanced gatherings.

Since 2020 put an end to many occasions, we’re hoping 2021 will allow friends, families and co-workers to gather together again. Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, birthday, retirement, or gender reveal party, to name a few, planning and eagerly anticipating these moments of celebration is important. Read More

Festival - Keeping it Outside

Keeping it Outside

By Event Planning Tips
As temperatures start to drop, businesses (or backyard-party-throwing homeowners) will want to keep people as comfortable as possible to extend the life of their outdoor space.

We have seen some excellent ideas over the years ranging from free warm drinks or snacks to logos on complimentary cold-weather gear (hats, scarves, gloves, and so on).
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