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Creativity is the cornerstone of event planning. Sure, there is a standard formula that helps outline certain expectations like food, drink, entertainment. However, it’s up to you to decide how those elements play out.

So, how can you throw an event that will have people talking about it for years to come? Well, we just might have the supplies you need to make your event memorable.

1. Get those toes tapping.

For those who don’t have a patio big enough, consider flooring! If extending your patio isn’t your goal, consider using it as a dancefloor. Now you can strut your stuff, do a shimmy, or a little jig.

2. Hit the lights!

Add to the ambiance of your event by stringing up some lights. With a clear tent, you can string your lights in the trees and still enjoy them! Don’t hesitate to play around with the arrangement until you are satisfied with their effect.

3. For when hunger strikes.

Do you hear that? It’s the dinner bell! Providing food is one of the main expectations and requirements of throwing a good event. But what about snacks? If you plan on your event lasting for hours, your guests are bound to get snackish. Instead of doing your standard bowl of chips or nuts, consider something more novel like a popcorn, cotton candy, or snow cone machine.

Whether you are planning a wedding, anniversary, or even a team building get together, remember that your event should be a reflection of you and your personality! By adding your own flair, you are bound to impress and make it unique.

Enter a room with a view.

Well, it’s actually a tent, but you get what we mean. Instead of renting your standard tent for your outdoor event or gathering, up the ante with a clear top frame tent. Whether it’s during the day, evening, or day-to-night, get a view of that sky!

For those parties that last until the wee hours of the morning, a clear top tent will add to the vibe. Your guests will be able to enjoy some vitamin D during the day, watch the sun set, and count the stars.

But don’t make the tent do all the work. Here are 3 items you can add to keep guests comfortable and having fun.