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Snacks. The thing that gets us through the day, especially the work day.

Salty, sweet, crunchy, soft, doughy – all of it satisfies a craving and makes work more enjoyable. At least for a little while anyway.

As anyone who has ever worked anywhere knows, there is always that time of day when the productivity drops. It’s 2 p.m. and you still have a few hours before you can run home to your comfy clothes. Though, as the end of your work day grows near, you find the hands of the clock ticking slower and slower.

“Good grief”, you think. “Will this day ever end?!”

If this is you or your team, you can combat low energy or morale by providing your employees with free work snacks.

Some employers may opt for donuts and coffee. While that is generous of them, it has definitely been done. If you are looking to make an impression, why not procure something that will not only be delicious, but give them a blast from the past!

Blast from the past, you say? What does that mean?

Renting a snow cone, popcorn, cotton candy, or nacho machine brings the fun of a fair or carnival right into your office.

Of course, you won’t want to indulge in these snacks every day (just like you don’t go to the fair every day), but you can use them to mark special occasions. Perhaps you fight off the summer heat with snow cones. Maybe you celebrate quarterly birthdays with cotton candy. Make your annual general meeting crunch-tastic with nachos!

Betcha you’re drooling right now.

Ultimately, good food equals better morale. Just like fun snacks equal increased productivity. Switch the equations any which way you like, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that your team feels valued and celebrated for all the hard work they do all day, every day.

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