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Spring showers aren’t only for sprouting flowers, they’re also for celebrating babies and weddings! That’s right, we’re talking about Spring baby & bridal showers. What a lovely season to celebrate a baby on the way or the bride to be! Plan the perfect Spring shower by following these easy tips & tricks.

1. Choose a Theme

The options are truly endless so try to narrow it down to a few ideas that best suit your guest of honour. Play on the baby’s nursery décor or the wedding style your bride has planned. A garden party or high tea are very popular and fun ideas for both baby & bridal showers and fit perfectly with the Spring season. For someone who likes florals, pastels and that added feminine touch, this type of shower could be the perfect fit. Of course, it’s about finding the theme that works best for the bride or mom-to-be. Do a little research and decide on the agreed-upon favourite.

2. Make a Guest List

Determining your expected guest count is key to the next steps in the planning process. Make a list, check it twice, and use this number as you move forward.

3. Choose a Venue

Based on your theme and the guest count, select a venue that both fits with your theme and will also allow enough space for everyone. Think outside of the box and consider all options from banquet halls and church basements to wineries, nature centres and even your own backyard. If you opt for an “at home” shower, be sure to consider the items you will need such as extra tables and chairs for seating, perhaps some cocktail tables or maybe a tent for some added shelter. Keep these things in mind as you continue planning.

4. Send out Invites

Once you’ve got your theme in place, the guest list firmed up and your venue is booked, it’s time to send out the invitations. Most often, your venue or event rental company will give you a time frame by which you need to confirm your final numbers. Be sure to include an RSVP date on your invites that corresponds.

5. Plan the Menu

This is where the real fun begins – the food! Will you plan a full meal or appetizers and finger foods? Will you prepare the food yourself or will you hire a caterer? Are there dietary restrictions of which you need to be aware? Choose the options that work best for you and your guests and go well with your theme. If you’ll be preparing food yourself, remember that you may need some chafing dishes to keep food warm, or extra dishware so everyone has a plate.

6. Plan the Décor

– Another fun step – planning the decorations! Whether you’re thinking simple or extravagant, rustic or formal, once again the options are endless. Don’t get overwhelmed or sidetracked with the abundance of ideas online. Focus in on the décor that best suits your theme and your venue. If you’re planning a backyard shower, often times gardens and landscaping already in the yard will serve as beautiful décor! Decide where you want to add and where you want to scale back and how the décor can best enhance your celebration. Don’t forget to include party favours that match for that added personal touch!

7. Lists, Lists, Lists

– From the menu to the décor to the RSVPs and so on, writing, reviewing and re-writing your lists is imperative to staying organized and stress-free. Make a list of what you will need to buy or rent and ensure those things are crossed off your list as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment later due to lack of availability, etc. Keep “to do” lists for each stage of the planning process and be sure to delegate if planning the shower is a group effort. Staying on top of things will not only make your life easier, but it will reassure the person you’re “showering”, that they have nothing to worry about. You’ve got this!

8. Have Fun!

Most importantly, once the planning is done and the day arrives, be sure to enjoy yourself! This is a special day, celebrating a new baby or an upcoming wedding and everyone there should be sharing in the joy of a new beginning! Have a plate of food, play baby bingo, toast the happy couple and relax. You planned ahead, you were organized, and you pulled off a fabulous Spring shower! Enjoy it & have fun! Job well done!