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The latter days of spring and the full season of summer are usually filled with one outdoor party after another. People are happy to be out in the sun while enjoying time spent with family and friends or in some cases colleagues.

What can get people back into the winter blues, however, is the inevitable decline of those long warm summer days.
Wait, who says that needs to be the end of all your outdoor fun?

Here are some things to consider to keep the party going well into autumn.


Mark Your Territory

Besides the more practical reasons for erecting a tent – rain, wind, bugs, and so on – they can help define the event’s designated party area. Keep people from wandering around aimlessly or from gathering in areas not part of the event by having a dedicated space to house all your party needs.

Dress codes are the best codes

It’s common courtesy to let your guests know that all the action will be happening outside. In doing so, both you and your guests can prepare for whatever weather lies ahead.

A little twinkle goes a long way

With the changing of the seasons comes the changing of daylight. Now that fall is here, you’ve probably noticed the sun setting sooner. Don’t let the lack of natural light stand in your way – get some cool lighting to not only add to the ambiance but to keep the party going well into the evening.

Turn Up the Heat

Along with the diminishing daylight comes lower temperatures. If you are a good host or hostess, you’ve already given your guests a heads up about the outdoor location. Hopefully, if they listen, they will dress accordingly. Nevertheless, take your event throwing skillset up a notch by adding a heater – a great way to make sure all your guests remain comfortable.

It’s Game Time

Outdoor or indoor, games are always a welcome addition to any event as an excellent way to break up the evening into manageable chucks. Think about it: how often have you gone to a business networking evening or an anniversary party where the success depends on guests mingling? That is well and good for a portion of an evening; however, if you want to increase the level of engagement, plan some fun and games!