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Ah February, the month of love. Valentine’s Day makes us all a little bit mushy. The heart-shaped candies, professions of true love, flowers and chocolates and candlelit dinners are hard to deny. Let the romance inspire you. Plan that engagement party you’ve been thinking about. Get to work on your bridal shower. Get the ball rolling on planning your wedding. Spice things up and plan a surprise vow renewal. The possibilities are plenty when it comes to celebrating all things romantic. Love is in the air! Let’s discuss the ways you can kick that “lovey dovey” feeling up a notch as you plan your celebrations!

Set the Mood

Ambiance is key at any event, but especially one where romance is at the forefront. Think candles and soft lighting. Elegant floor length linens, chic drapery on the ceiling or walls and oodles and oodles of flowers. Choose colours that are meaningful to you, that represent you in some way. Romance isn’t only displayed in reds and pinks unless that’s your favourite of course. Get creative and let your heart lead you. Develop a space that tells guests that you are head over heels and ready for forever.

Tell Your Love Story

Including personal touches throughout your event and letting your friends and family feel the love you have for one another is what these kinds of celebrations are all about! Display photos of memories you have shared as a couple on the tables or photo boards set up on wrought iron easels. What makes your love story unique? How did you meet? What is something special you enjoy doing together? Find fun ways to incorporate these things into a signature drink or a themed cake or specialty favours for guests to take home. Go all the way and arrange the whole event around these things or keep it simple with small, discreet mentions. Casually include those special little things that mean so much to you.

Share the Love

Engagement parties and weddings, vow renewals and the like aren’t only romantic for the happy couple, but it can also be a beautiful night out for your guests. Creating a space where everyone can share the love is sure to please. From slow dances on the dancefloor or drinks under the stars in your clear top tent, to dinner by candlelight and special moments shared, your celebration should truly be one for everyone to enjoy with the one they love.

Can’t you just feel the love in the air? Feel the love, share the love and let it inspire you to plan a romantic celebration! Let love rule!