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Festival - How to Know When It’s Time for A Change

How to Know When It’s Time for A Change

By Festival News
People often freshen up their look by getting bangs, a spray tan, or a new pair of shoes when they need a change. When you are a business, however, you refresh your brand identity, and part of this makeover involves your logo. But, unlike the spur of the moment haircut, we did not make this decision over night. It took a lot of time, thought, and consideration.
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Festival - Tent Permits 101

Tent Permits 101

By Event Planning Tips
Whether you’re planning a team-building get-together, a company Christmas party, or a community fundraiser (to name a few), it is likely your to-do list is a mile long. However, no matter how swamped in the details you may be, there is one thing you will know for sure right from the beginning – the venue.

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